Katy Perry Exits American Idol as a Judge, Feeling Betrayed by Producers!

Katy Perry, one of the judges on American Idol, reportedly feels that the show's makers portrayed her in a negative light.

She believes she was "thrown under the bus" by producers who edited episodes to make her appear as the  "nasty judge."

The singer faced criticism throughout the season, including accusations of misbehaving with contestants, mom-shaming them, and acting rudely.

Katy Perry allegedly wants to step down as a judge on American Idol due to her dissatisfaction with how she was portrayed

One incident involved Katy trolling contestant Sara Beth Liebe, a mom of three, which led Liebe to quit the show

Perry was booed by the audience when she commented on contestant Nutsa Buzaladze's outfit, saying she should avoid using glitter.

Despite the backlash, Katy Perry reportedly remains unfazed and claims she has a unique sense of humor that may not always translate well on camera.

The show has faced other controversies, including backlash and claims of rigged results.

Katy Perry's decision to return as a judge for the next season of American Idol is uncertain.

The show's judges, including Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, make unanimous decisions regarding contestants.

American Idol has become one of the most controversial reality shows in Hollywood.

It is unclear how the makers of the show will respond to Katy Perry's concerns.

The singer feels that the flak she received was not solely her fault but a result of editing and portrayal by the producers.

Katy Perry's potential departure as a judge will have an impact on the dynamic of the show and its future seasons.

Fans and viewers will be interested to see if Katy Perry ultimately decides to return or pursue other opportunities outside of American Idol.